Why we built DevProjects — a project-based community to learn programming

3 min readDec 18, 2020


“What are the best Python projects for beginners?”
“Where can I find JavaScript projects?”

Chances are, if you’re learning programming, you’ve googled a variation of the above questions at one point or another. Through Codementor, we heard that a lot of our users did too. We asked ourselves: does it really have to be this hard?

So we had many brainstorm sessions fuelled by caffeine and sugar, and reached out to some mentors and users for feedback. We had one goal: to create a simple tool that anyone learning programming would find helpful.

After much discussion, we understood two things. First, one of the hardest things about learning programming is transitioning from theory to real world code; and two: it’s more interesting to learn programming with actual projects.

Enter DevProjects.

Or, as our team affectionately calls it, Project Alpaca (because alpacas are social and inquisitive animals)

We intentionally designed DevProjects to help you seamlessly transition from “hello world” to real world programming. We also aimed to make this process easy, interesting, interactive, and best of all, fun.

DevProjects is a community where everyone learning programming has free and easy access to projects for learners. Users can learn through discussing the project with peers and mentors, as well as sharing and receiving feedback on their code.

What projects are on DevProjects?

DevProjects has a growing collection of curated projects for web development, mobile apps, and automation/tools. Project difficulties range from very beginner to the more advanced.

We worked with mentors and senior developers to design projects that would help you bridge the gap between theory and practice. Not only is each project specifically constructed to address problems you might face when applying your skills in the real world, the projects provide context and are limited in scope. This gives you a sense of how developers work with a product team or as a freelancer.

Other than the curated projects, why should I use DevProjects?

Learning programming is hard enough, especially when you’re stuck with a project and don’t know where to start untangling the mess.

But there’s no need to do it alone.

DevProjects is designed to be an open and interactive community. Users are encouraged to discuss the best way to approach a project with peers and mentors, and learn how to see a project from different perspectives. You can also share your code, receive feedback, as well as get code reviews and pointers on how to improve.

We designed DevProjects for you and others that are learning programming. Since learning programming is already a difficult task in itself, we wanted to help shrink the gap between theory and real world application. We hope that DevProjects will help you bridge that gap, and pave the way to your programming journey success.

Check out DevProjects if you haven’t already, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Originally published at https://www.codementor.io.