There are many ways to learn React, but perhaps, one of the most interesting ways is to learn through building projects. What makes project-based learning so special is that learners are able to analyze a problem from different angles and figure out different possible approaches. It also brings satisfaction as you’re able to see how your lines of code can directly impact your project. Last but not least, you’re able to build up a portfolio as you learn — two birds with one stone.

Here’s a list of React projects that can help you get started:

Beginner-level projects: You will…

Scraping is a simple concept in its essence, but it’s also tricky at the same time. It’s like a cat and mouse game between the website owner and the developer operating in a legal gray area. This article sheds light on some of the obstructions a programmer may face while web scraping, and different ways to get around them.

Please keep in mind the importance of scraping with respect.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping, in simple terms, is the act of extracting data from websites. It can either be a manual process or an automated one. However, extracting data manually from web pages…

“What are the best Python projects for beginners?”
“Where can I find JavaScript projects?”

Chances are, if you’re learning programming, you’ve googled a variation of the above questions at one point or another. Through Codementor, we heard that a lot of our users did too. We asked ourselves: does it really have to be this hard?

So we had many brainstorm sessions fuelled by caffeine and sugar, and reached out to some mentors and users for feedback. We had one goal: to create a simple tool that anyone learning programming would find helpful.

After much discussion, we understood two things…

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“I’m not looking to be a programmer. I just want to build State of K, but at this point, I’ve probably already learned every topic in Django.”

Ingram, a full-time lawyer and creator of State of K, the Q-and-A website where users can answer their own questions based on academic studies, started his programming journey with a very clear goal and a very vague idea of how.

title image for Codementor’s “former ice skater to app developer”
title image for Codementor’s “former ice skater to app developer”

In this series, we’re shining the spotlight on members of the Codementor community. They share their journey to becoming a developer — the highs, the lows, and the inbetweens. Our first story is from Mitchell Gould, a long-time Codementor user.

When I was 10 years old, my father came into my room and asked “how would you like to climb Kilimanjaro?” I, of course, jumped at the idea, not having the faintest idea what a Kilimanjaro was or where it was located. My father never mentioned the topic again. …

From GitHub to Jira to the next big open source project, countless of tools exist on the internet to make a developer’s life easier. In this article, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the issues developer teams might have, and the tools that can lend a hand.

So without further ado, for teams that

Want to stay on top of the game:

Codementor for Teams

Insane sprint cycles? A backlog resembling the seventh layer of hell? Ready to choose your own projects and work on use-cases you actually care about?

Time to become a freelance developer.

But getting on your feet and bringing in the dough as a new freelance developer isn’t all peaches and cream. There will be challenges to overcome and areas to grow into. Some of the most important will be:

  • Building your clientele
  • Choosing your clients
  • Operating as a business

Before we delve into helping you conquer these challenges, let’s first go over some basic expectations of a freelance developer career.

Everybody’s talking about 10x Engineers. Do they even exist, or is this just imposter syndrome? Let’s break it down.

Who is a “10x Engineer”?

Is it someone who writes thousands of lines of code every day? Is it someone who pushes new product features overnight while being heavily caffeinated? And why is this idea of a “10x Engineer” pushing more people towards experiencing Impostor Syndrome at the workplace?

In this article, we’ll debunk the myth of the “10x Engineer” and talk about the infamous Impostor Syndrome.

For more thoughts on the “10x Engineer”, see Codementor’s previous article with Moz founder, Rand Fishkin, here.

I came…

A message from Weiting Liu, the Founder and CEO of Arc & Codementor.

Introducing Arc
Introducing Arc

Working remotely is becoming increasingly mainstream, with forward-thinking organizations like Stripe, Atlassian, and others making headlines by announcing a growth in remote hires. In retrospect, I realized I’ve been working, and leading teams, remotely for over a decade before “remote” even became a thing.

Back in 2006, I operated my first company, SocialPicks, remotely; I was based in the Bay Area, my co-founder Keven was in Vancouver, and our lead engineer Olivier was in Toronto. This was pre-Slack, pre-Zoom, pre-Trello. …

As a freelance developer (whether you have a salary from your full-time job or your hourly fee is your way of making a living), there may be times when you question whether the rate you’re charging is fair or not enough.

Whether it’s because you haven’t been booking as many engagements as you’d like (perhaps you’re charging too much) or because you find yourself working for what you feel is too little, it may be time to (re)examine your freelance rate.

Below, we’re going to look at how to set your freelancer rate. Whether you’re being paid fixed rate, an…


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